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Music & Language Circle Games

Music And Language Circle Games for children 3 - 9 yrs is meant to provide the generalist classroom teacher and the music specialist with a new look at CIRCLE games as thoughtful teaching tools for language and music skill development.

In this first collection, each game has been carefully selected for its music and cross-curricular value with a focus on 'whole language' and 'whole child'.  All of the games, music and language activities have been designed to ensure early success for the classroom professional at any level.  The goal is ongoing learning while the children SING MOVE and PLAY.

Included on the COMPACT DISC is all of the music for the activities both with and without vocals to facilitate maximum participation by music specialists and to allow the non-music specialist an easy means of getting started with a unique cross-curricular technique.

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Sing Move Play is currently working on several other projects.  Keep visiting this page for information on upcoming publications.


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