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 Orff Schulwerk 

Orff - Schulwerk is an approach to music education based on the beliefs of the German composer, Carl Orff. The title means music in ensemble. Orff believed that children could not read that which they had not experienced first; thus, the Orff-Schulwerk in an approach which suggests many possibilities of creativity through its process. Music and movement should be inseparable as Carl Orff believed that feeling the concept in one's own body reinforces its understanding. As the child actively participates and makes music, their musical skills and knowledge are developed along with an appreciation and enjoyment.

The basic instrument of the ensemble is the human body. As words and song are very important, the voice is very special and must be trained and developed very carefully to portray and enrich musical expression. As the hands and feet begin to feel the rhythm the body begins to move! The ?unpitched' and ?pitched' instruments are added as the ?accent' to further enrich the musical experiences of the children. With such a varied range of sound, the instruments are very expressive, providing great opportunity to improvise, as well as a very solid background for chants, songs, poetry, stories, movement and much more.

Carl Orff has said that the Schulwerk must reflect the culture of the students that we work with. As teachers of the Schulwerk we must be creative enough to meet the needs of our students and know why they are using each possibility.


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