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 Artist in Residency Programs 

        WHAT'S THAT?

Here is an opportunity for teachers to work with an artist exploring and integrating strands of the core curriculum with music, movement and drama. This rich learning environment opens doors to life long learning for students, teachers and artists.  A lasting benefit for children who have opportunity to work with arts integration is that they develop and demonstrate deeper understanding of given concepts and skill through new found creativity.  Critical and creative thinking is encouraged as students learn to celebrate diversity and change.



This type of program reinforces the value we all place on the arts, validating and supporting children's many different learning styles.  Children and teachers are exposed to a variety of art forms.  This opportunity helps build confidence and leadership, empowering learners to celebrate learning through multiple intelligences.  The enriched understanding provides teachers with another teaching model for arts integration into the core curriculum. 



Music and Movement connected to Early Language

Connect Rhythm and language through music

                        Music and Language from K - 6

                                    Explore story telling, writing, legends or poetry through music

                        Music and ESL

                                    Sing it, rhyme it and move it!

                        Music, Movement and Math

                                    Numbers . . . Patterns . . .

                        Music is Science

                                    Pitch and Sound

                        Music Movement and Health

                                    Write a musical and communicate

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