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 The founder of SINGMOVEPLAY 

Debra Giebelhaus-Maloney is a child advocate committed to excellence in education.  As an Orff workshop leader and clinician in Canada, Debra has trained teachers in the Orff Method at UBC, U of C, U of L, U of S and the Yukon College.  In addition to her B. Mus and B. Ed. (primary areas of study piano, voice, primary/intermediate music, and outdoor education) Debra holds LEVEL I - III Orff certification and the International Music and Movement Education Certification from the Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria.

Having taught as a music/drama specialist for many years in the Alberta and B.C. schools, Debra now acts as a workshop clinician and music/drama/language consultant for school boards, universities and music organizations internationally.  She designs and develops choral, music, drama and integrated arts curriculum, adjudicates choral, drama and speech arts, and provides professional development for teachers and students from K - Grade 12. 

An active artist for AISI, CAPES, ARTSMARTS, ARTSCORE and THE FOUNDATION OF THE ARTS (residency programs that provide professional development for both students and teachers) Debra continues to be very involved with curriculum development through the Arts composing and creating connectors to infuse music and language into the core curriculum.   

As Past President of Carl Orff Canada, Debra is able to advocate for music and drama as necessary daily learning tools to assist in building language skills in the classroom. Debra is a strong believer that music and language should never be separated and that by using the rhythm of music and the power of movement and expression, children can develop an understanding of rhythm, rhyme and beat within the spoken word.

In 1990 Debra founded and created SING MOVE PLAY.  This music education program for 3-9 year olds continues to thrive and is the inspiration for much of her storytelling and game development.



"With our changing world many of today's' children have become part of a generation that is unfamiliar with the basic art forms.  Music is such a wonderful gift that should be part of all of our children's lives.  I want to share this gift of music.  It can be such an integral part of their language arts experience.  We can all learn so much from each other as we enter this new chapter of learning and explore the many possibilities and opportunities to integrate the arts into the children's programs.

Music must reflect the culture of the students we work with.  As teachers, we must be creative enough to meet the needs of all of our students and provide them with the opportunity to grow.  The 'magic' of music has the power to train the child's social behavior, independence, emotional development, and communication skills.  Very importantly, music has the ability to develop expression of feelings and experiences.  With constant exposure to quality music and movement these things will happen as music is an essential vehicle to aid the direction of important behavior patterns."


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